Boat trips

Discover the marine fauna and flora on one of our boat trips and live the unforgettable experience of direct contact with nature that the Costa Vicentina has to offer.

Sea bird watching

A unique experience for all seabird lovers, where you can find and photograph some of the rarest species up close, in a stunning setting far from the coast.

On this ocean voyage sail to Sagres square, a region currently recognized as one of the only places in Europe where you can see some of these species.

Depending on the time of year, we highlight the presence of Pardela-de-capet, Pardela-sombre, Painho-de-Wilson, Miller-rabilongo or Gull of Audouin, among others.

DURATION: 2h30 hours

MINIMUM CAPACITY: 4 passengers

INCLUDES: Vest and insurance

DEPARTURES: Mar. – Nov. (sob reserva) : 14h00

DEPARTURES: Mar. – Nov. (sob reserva): 09h00


  • Adults: 45 € per person
  • Children (up to 14 years): 35 € per person


A magical trip where you can observe nature in full and traditional fishermen in their work, as you explore the magnificent wild coast of the Portuguese southwest.

DURATION: 2 hours

INCLUDES: Vest and insurance


  • Adults: 40 € per person
  • Children (up to 14 years): 35 € per person


A special trip, whose aim is to calmly enjoy the wonderful south coast of the region and explore some of its little secrets.

During this tour, we explore the Costa Vicentina between Sagres and Praia do Castelejo. This region is home to one of the wildest coastlines in all of Europe, sculpted by the force of the wind and the sea, which man has not changed much. In the Atlantic cliffs we find unique geological formations, inaccessible beaches, small fishing boats and shellfish gatherers in the dangerous task of catching the perch. Ideal for nature lovers and traditions, this trip will not leave anyone indifferent.

DURATION: 2hours

INCLUDES: Vest and insurance

DEPARTURES: Mar. – Nov.: 14.00h


  • Adults: 25 € per person
  • Children (up to 14 years): 20 € per person


An unforgettable adventure for the whole family, where, guided by a marine biologist, we will set out in search of dolphins, as well as other wildlife that inhabits our ocean! On the way, we are flown over by enigmatic sea birds and, occasionally, caught with unexpected visits from sharks, moonfish or turtles.

On this trip we loosen the moorings and leisurely travel the South coast. Without haste, because the objective is to enjoy the moment, we will visit small caves, hidden corners and wild beaches that are breathtaking. Curiosities and details about the geology, fauna and flora of the coast are also guaranteed on this trip.


INCLUDES: Vest and insurance


  • Adults: 35 € per person  
  • Children (up to 14 years): 25 € per person