Surf Lessons


Portugal is a world-class surfing destination and you can find some of Portugal’s best surfing spots in the Vicentine Coast. You may choose to take your first steps or perfect your technique.
You will find an outstanding scenario with idyllic beaches and perfect waves. Your professional instructor will make sure you have a memorable experience.




  • Introduction and presentation of required equipment; 
  • Analysis of surfing conditions;
  • Safety rules and behaviour in water; 
  • Paddle technique; 
  • Sit and turn;
  • Foam climb




  • Individual assessment for proper equipment choice;
  • Daily analysis of surfing conditions,
  • Safety rules, behaviour and priority rules in water; 
  • Approaches for different kinds of wave; catching a wave; surfing the 
  • wall; advanced tricks 




  • Transportation to the best spots in the region seeking for the best option of the day,
  • Big wave guidance; 
  • Access to repair materials;
  • Classes recorded for further analysis


Sagres, Bordeira, Cordoama, Vale Figueiras, Amado, Castelejo, Praia da Rocha

Group classes consist of a maximum of 8 students, always differentiating groups of adults from groups of children (from 7 years old), allowing us to focus on different types of learning, observing the individual development of each one. They are more personalized and, therefore, more efficient.

DURATION: 2 to 3 hours

INCLUDES: Equipment, transportation and insurance

PRICE FROM: 60€ – 1 day