Why camping? A room with a view under the stars!

Camping is a way of life!

Camping is a way of life and travel. It’s getting out of the routine. Being in permanent connection with nature and getting to know places where a hotel cannot reach.

Camping is the time to laugh and tell stories, to have countless conversations, to agree to wake up early to see the sun rise and to build memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether as a family, as a couple or with friends, camping is fun and helps to build happy and healthy relationships.

Is whishing the sky to be cloudless at night just  to see  it dotted with stars or a full moon! It is also learning to identify the sounds of nature…

It’s a true digital detox !

It is possible to have fun and communicate without the presence of a phone!

Moments in the middle of nature and sustainability practices, combined with the experience of socializing between family and new friends, will make you forget about everything else.

Activities that allow contact with nature are associated with an improvement in mental well-being and a reduction in anxiety.

Furthermore, camping can improve sleep. This is because our internal biological clock adjusts to a more natural sleep cycle, linked to the availability of natural light.


Camping is good for your health!

Camping involves several physical activities. Whether it’s setting up the tent, going for a walk, spending an afternoon exploring, practicing your yoga in the morning, the truth is that the time we spend camping is time spent doing physical exercise, voluntary or involuntary – which makes the experience even more pleasant.

A camping adventure that combines physical exercise with outdoor activities will most likely improve your well-being and reap many benefits for your health.