Maternata ♥

It is a beautiful and very inspiring project that will be born at Salema Eco Camp on October 8, 2020 and should last until December 2021, once a month.

It includes inspiring people who will share important knowledge and tools for the future of all couples who want to “embark on this journey”.

Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and conscious parenting, through an integrated and humanized vision, are the main themes to be developed by a group of professionals who will share with you moments that they will keep forever in their memory.



What you can expect ♥

Through workshops, practices, activities and dynamic presentations we want this enriching experience to prepare you for one of the most magical moments of your life.

We will do everything to provide the couple with a relaxed, comfortable and well-nourished stay, so that they return home with all the information useful and necessary so that you can plan your delivery and postpartum in full confidence, always respecting the place where you want to perform it, whether at home or in the hospital.

This retreat will start with theoretical content based on scientific evidence and will be complemented with knowledge ancient ancestors, giving space to alternative support practices and techniques: “I want to provide a space for the couple to relax, be pampered and enjoy this special and sacred moment in their lives.

“Childbirth can be a powerful spiritual experience and relaxation is an essential element for a positive pregnancy and delivery. And, of course, education. Couples have the opportunity to experience birth as a beautiful initiation, a rite of passage – but the preparation for it is important, as well as the choice of every detail, the information that reaches the couple, the place and the team that goes. with it “.

Patrícia Lesage, mentor of the” Maternata “project ♥





October 8 – 11 (Thursday to Sunday)

  • Accommodation – 3 nights in studio at Salema Eco Camp. Discover our studios here
  • Vegetarian Eco Food
  • Workshops and Practices


Basic package (Thursday – Sunday):

  • Food Education in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
  • Authentic Movement
  • Aquatic Bodywork (subject to DGS regulations)
  • Holistic Preparation for Childbirth and Postpartum
  • Communication and Intimacy in Childbirth and Postpartum
  • Permaculture in Parenting
  • Vocal Expression
  • Massage for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and Parenting

Extra (Monday + Tuesday):

~ Herbalism for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

~ Surprise guest


Prices and Registration

TOTAL PRICE / COUPLE: 936 € (all included)


NOTE: The couple can extend the program for another 1 or 2 days (12 and 13 October) with stay and extra workshops for an additional fee. Practices are subject to last minute adaptations, always with guaranteed alternatives.


  • November: 12, 13, 14, 15 (+ 16 and 17, optional)
  • December: 10, 11, 12, 13 (+ 14 and 15, optional)
  • January: 14, 15, 16, 17 (+ 18 and 19, optional)

The retreats comply with a contingency plan and the group has a capacity limited to 5 couples, thus complying with the regulations of the Directorate-General for Health, in view of the current current situation of COVID-19.

Inscriptions and more information:







The mentor of the MATERNATA project. After studying History at the Educational Academy in Amsterdam and having taught elementary school at several schools in the Netherlands, Patrícia decided to change course and travel. With several experiences and learnings gathered in South America and after having her children on 2 different continents, according to her deepest and most visceral desire, she finally decided to join the Humanization of Childbirth movement in Portugal. In 2010 with the formation of Doulas recently made, through the Associação de Doulas de Portugal, he started to accompany couples during the Perinatal period. He quickly realized that he had to continue the training and thus followed the learning process, in 2011 the training of Perinatal Educator with dr. Ricardo Herbert Jones and Nurse Zeza Jones. In 2012, she went to Peru with Master Midwife Herbalist Leonie Lange, who accompanied her in the 1st and 3rd delivery, to learn more with her in her Natural Gynecology and Traditional Parteria course. In 2015 she took the Advanced Doula Training in Fear, Shock & Trauma and introduction to Hipnobirthing course, with Olivia Seck from Birthing Wisdom and in 2019 she participated in the WHO Helping Babies Breathe and Helping Mothers Survive course facilitated by Midwife Ruth Ehrhardt of True Midwifery . In parallel, he started the continuous learning path in Body Therapies, so that he could have complementary tools both at home, in the health care of his own family, and in his Perinatal Monitoring services. Maternata retreats are the culmination of this journey and were specially designed to provide the couple with the information, confidence and support tools needed within the Humanized Perinatal preparation.
Landscape Architect since 2008, seeks a holistic and integrated lifestyle, based on natural food and lifestyle. Inspired strongly by Macrobiotic philosophy and practice, it fits its work in the Mediterranean context, fusing ancestral and traditional wisdom with modern nutrition. After an internship at Escola Musso, he went through IMP and several workshops and collaborations in the context of natural and therapeutic food. It is through the ‘The Rice Experience’ project that he shares his experience through Food Guidance consultations, meals for retreats and groups, and natural cooking workshops. In recent years, natural fermentation has taken on a central role in its research and practice, which grows in the collaboration it now maintains with Quinta do Vale da Lama. It is through these projects that it reaches all those who wish to follow a natural lifestyle and thus improve their personal condition, health and relationship with themselves, others and nature.

Biology, Landscape Ecology & Design of Regenerative Ecological Systems
With his academic background on Biology and Landscape Ecology Hugo is now focusing his work and research on participatory Design of Regenerative Ecological Systems. He worked on Agroecology and Permaculture for the NGO Naterra – Education for Sustainable Development Association based in Macao-China, being one of the co-founder, bringing him to worked in East-timor with local communities on sustainable livelihoods. He is a researcher at the Center for Ecology and Environmental Change at the University of Lisbon. with an MA in Ecological Design Thinking from the Schumacher College/ Plymouth University, he is now working on his PhD thesis on “Sustainability transitions through grassroots management of resilient agro-environmental systems: The case study of the Permaculture landscape design movement in Portugal” for the University of Évora. Mentored by Max Lindegger (in Portugal, Australia and Thailand) Rosemary Morrow (with whom co-taught a Permaculture Design Certificate), Seaton Baxter (Schumacher College) and Teresa Pinto-Correia (U. Évora). Studied Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in several living Ecovillages such as Tamera Healing Biotope I, Auroville, Crystal Waters and Wongsanit Ashram; Permaculture and Biodynamic Farming in diverse bio-climatic zones (tropics, arid, altitude and Mediterranean semi-arid).  He’ve co-created regenerative systems in Macao, East Timor, Thailand, central and south Portugal, ranging from homestead gardens & Permaculture demonstration centers, food forests, educational & Nature connection centers, schoolgardens, rooftopgardens, biogas, agroforestry systems and others… Lately he has been dedicating his work creating landscape regenerative strategies for rain-fed agro-silvo-pastoral systems within the Mediterranean semi-arid.


Being fascinated with energy, Smadar has studied its expression in and through organised formations, through physics, geometry, music and the awakening human consciousness.
For more than 15 years, she has met and accompanied people in different stages along their conscious evolutionary path, through healing and shamanic work, and recently in coaching.She is a vocal healer and artist, and teaches the ancient shamanic wisdom of Light Language. She coaches and teaches online. Earth mantras – a meditative musical journey for freeing your self expression. The music is charged with healing energetic codes , and invites you to sing along, and join your voice from within. It is a space of prayer, of connection and heart presence.

It is the generator of good vibrations behind Tours That Matter. With his brilliant enthusiasm and taste for the truth, he invites people to think outside the box. She is a born storyteller and studied Arts and Culture in Maastricht and Anthropology at UvA in Amsterdam. He has worked with women and couples for several years, helping them to break conditioning and standards and get closer to their truth. It works with a tantric approach. His training in anthropology provides him with great observation skills that allow him to meet everyone’s needs with great respect and care. Katjalisa is also a passionate Acro Yoga teacher.
Poppy holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Phytotherapy from Middlesex University in London and is a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (MCPP). He has six years of clinical experience as a medical herbalist and holds a certificate in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Poppy’s interest in natural medicine began in India, where he began to study Ayurvedic medicine. Lately, his interests and research have expanded to include the concepts and theories behind Traditional Chinese Medicine, although his practice remains largely Western. It specializes in the treatment of chronic diseases of the endocrine system, especially gynecological and thyroid problems, but serves patients with chronic diseases in almost all systems of the body. Through his university education, Poppy learned how to integrate conventional knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology with the theory and practice of holistic medicine. After graduation, she practiced in Sheffield before returning to the Algarve, where she now offers consultations and herbal treatment at her clinic in Praia da Luz. Poppy has previous training as a teacher and regularly gives workshops on the topic of herbal medicine and self-care with autonomy and information. Since he was born, he started teaching classes on topics that interest him – pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum – and also taking regular walks with herbs in the interior of the Algarve.
Sara has always been passionate about motherhood and babies. When she was a mother for the first time, in 2009, she felt like everything around her had more light. There she also embraced the shadow with the same naturalness. This Psychologist discovered at this time the passions that move her until today: the sacred feminine, Waldorf Education and the world of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. Today Sara is a mother of 3 and helps other mothers to go through this great journey of transformation wich is motherhood (physicaly, mentaly, emotionaly and spiritualy) with joy, lightness and pleasure. And connecting to the essence of their born or unborn babies.


KOZII SHOP, responsible for the clothes used in the wonderful photo shoot developed for this project. Kozii is a very special brand.

Created in 2015 and headquartered in Tavira, in the south of Portugal, Kozii’s origin is a journey.

Not only in the purely geographical sense, but in the most important and noble sense: that of the human experience.

A journey is always a departure and a return to what we are, added by the knowledge of difference. And this is where Kozii is born, from this delicate territory that is the other and from the respect for what is the human being. This is what inspires Cecília and Nuno to create “.

It is worth knowing the beautiful and inspiring story of Kozii



Another special person to thank is MARIANA SABIDO, responsible for this fantastic photographic production.

“Life is very busy, but photography runs through my veins and happily I live surrounded by children and people who inspire me every day. . Photography should be seen and felt as an integral part of our lives and I feel that it should be part of our daily lives: today, yesterday and tomorrow. “, Mariana.

Get to know Mariana’s story and inspiring work