What can we do for our Planet?

The last time the world observed planet earth’s budget was 49 years ago, in 1970!

And unfortunately, Portugal is actively contributing to this. We would be needing two or three planets if all countries were to have our carbon footprint.

Recycling is the starting point, but there is much more to do. We can make a difference by making small changes in our daily behaviour.



“You take nothing from Nature except pictures”

“You leave nothing behind except footprints”

“You bring nothing except memories”

We try to minimise environmental impact in all our services and activities by focusing on renewable energies thereby contributing to carbon emissions and consumption reduction. This way:

  • We use solar energy to heat water;
  • We have in place a water saving policy, by using flow reducers and coal filters in all faucets so that our customers can fill their reusable water bottles as they please in any of the 10 water points we have in our facility.
  • We joined efforts to end plastic consumption by not selling bottles or any other plastic package (we reuse bottles);
  • Most of the ingredients used at our restaurant are organic and come from small-scale local producers.