What can we do for our planet?

Portugal was the first country in the world to present a Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality, commiting to be neutral in 2050! It is the same as saying that it is committed to not producing more greenhouse gases than nature can absorb.

Salema Eco Camp wants to be part of this history and, for that reason, became the first and only Hotel in the Algarve Region, with the Certificate of Carbon Neutrality – CERTIFICATE OF VERIFIED CARBON UNIT (VCU) RETIREMENT, in November 2021.


For those who already know us, and for who have “just arrived”, please be infomed that in all of our services and activities, we always try to minimize the environmental impact, investing in renewable energies, helping to reduce carbon emissions:

  • We use solar thermal energy to heat water.
  • . We have a water saving policy, through the application of reducers on all faucets and placement of charcoal filters, so that all customers can fill their reusable bottles as often as they like, at the 10 water points.
  • . We join efforts to end the consumption of plastic, by not selling bottles and other plastic packaging.
  • Our Eco Store sells organic, sustainable products, mainly local and with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
  • Nazari Restaurant works to achieve zero waste, with mostly local and seasonal products.


Continuing the Salema Eco Camp project, we calculated the company’s carbon footprint in calendar year 2020 and, based on that, we achieved climate neutrality for the company in 2021.

The carbon footprint calculation was completed in October 2021. The consumption data was verified and the final corporate carbon footprint was calculated at 152 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in the year 2020. The calculation methodology followed the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (greenhouse gas protocol).

To achieve carbon neutrality for Salema Eco Camp based on emissions calculated in 2020, the (inevitable) emissions needed to be compensated through voluntary offsetting. This was accomplished by signing a Certified Climate Protection Project.

Voluntary offsetting assumes that emissions caused in one place can be offset by savings in another place, since climate is not a local but a global phenomenon. This is achieved through subscribing to climate protection projects which, when viewed globally, offset the emissions of CO2e.


Advice in Motion identified a list of suitable projects for offsetting purposes. Of these, the Clean Energy Project in Namibia was selected, specifically the Ombepo Wind Farm.

The project involves the construction and operation of a 10 MW greenfield wind power plant near Lüderitz in Namibia. Wind turbines were erected in two phases (initially 6 MW, later 4 MW), generating electricity for export to the national grid by NamPower (first phase customer) and the Municipality of Lüderitz (second phase customer).

The project replaces grid electricity with clean and renewable energy and will help reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the fossil fuel mix of the base grid. In addition to emissions reduction benefits of the project include improving the country’s energy self-sufficiency and creating local jobs.

With the completion of subscription to the carbon offset project and following the issuance of the Certificate of Verified Carbon Unit Retirement on 12th November 2021, Salema Eco Camp has formally achieved the status of a climate neutral company for the year 2022.

As a follow-up to the climate project, in a 2nd phase, we will take more concrete measures: a company’s climate strategy will be incorporated into a broader sustainable strategy – the application of the Green Key! – a certification established for international sustainable tourism companies. By investing in this project, we want to improve an existing reality and generate identification and recognition from our client with love for these causes. Finally, find all the information about our Carbon Neutrality project here: