Portugal is a world-class surfing destination and you can find some of Portugal’s best surfing spots in the Vicentine Coast.

You may choose to take your first steps or perfect your technique.

You will find an outstanding scenario with idyllic beaches and perfect waves. Your professional instructor will make sure you have a memorable experience.

There are things that only happen in the water. The most romantic say that surfing is a magical sport. In addition to all the benefits for the body, surfing also brings benefits to the mind, such as relieving stress and anxiety, because contact with the sea activates our senses and causes great sensations, in addition to rebalancing our organism with the innumerable salts and nutrients present in sea water.

It is a lifestyle that teaches about respect, persistence, patience and overcoming obstacles. Surfing depends exclusively on nature to exist and surfers are always more sensitive and attentive to environmental problems such as: cleaning beaches, planting seedlings, creating lectures on raising awareness with the community

With these classes, you will achieve unthinkable progress, whether you are trying to catch your first wave or even if you are already experienced and look for some hardcore breaks, with the help of a local guide.

The options are varied, ranging from the calmest to the fastest and strongest point breaks.

The instructor will explain to you how the sea works, alert you to the dangers of currents and rocks and teach you to look at the sea with an observant and critical eye.

In the first class, they will have the opportunity to:

Have your first contacts with the surfboard, know how it works, how to lie on it, paddle and learn to position yourself correctly to start getting up

Do some stretching exercises and let this be a routine before starting any class and that the movements of lying on the board and standing still on the sand are repeated several times until they are done correctly and safely.

Analyze the conditions for practice

Rules of safety, behavior and priority in water

INCLUDES: Equipment, transportation and insurance


  • October to May: 55 €
  • June to September: 60 €