Portugal was the first country in the world to present a Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality, committing to being neutral by 2050. This means committing to not producing more greenhouse gases than nature can absorb.


Salema Eco Camp wants to be part of this story and, for this reason, in 2021 became the first Hotel Unit in the Algarve Region to calculate its carbon footprint and invest in carbon sequestration projects. We have been working on this since 2021.



For those who already know us and for those who are just arriving, know that in all our services and activities, we seek to minimize our negative environmental impact through:

  • Utilization of solar thermal energy for water heating.
  • Use of photovoltaic panels for solar energy production and consumption.
  • Water conservation policy, through the installation of reducers on all faucets and the placement of charcoal filters, allowing all customers to refill their reusable water bottles as many times as they want at the 10 water points we have spread throughout the premises.
  • We make efforts to significantly reduce the consumption of disposable plastic by not selling bottles and other packaging made of this material.
  • Our Eco Store sells organic or local products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.
  • The Nazari Restaurant works towards achieving zero waste, sourcing local and seasonal products.


Find all the information about the decarbonization projects we have already invested in:

Vintage 2021 - Project “Ombepo Wind”, Namíbia - Learn here more about this project and see here our certification

Vintage 2022 - Project “Paradigm Kenya Clean Cookstoves” - Learn here more about this project and see here  our certification

Vintage 2023 - Project “Clean Cooking Solutions”, Nepal - Learn here more about this project and see here our certification


Vintage 2023 - Project “Carbono Biodiverso”, Portugal - Learn here more about this project and see here our certification

Certificate by Gold Standard

Certificate by Verde