We have several options for all types of customers and also the possibility of being able to stay with us

for a long period of time!


Our Apartments, Studios, Mobile Homes, Lodges, Woody, Domes and Camping can be your home for

more than just a few days and up to 5 months.


We have all the conditions in place to make your stay the best experience.


T1 Apartment (3pax) – 1150€/month

T2 Apartment (5pax) – 1300€ / month

T2 Apartment (7pax) – 1350€ /month

T0 Studio (2pax) – 1150€ / month

Mobile Home T2 (4pax) – 1150€/month

Mobile Home T3 (6pax) – 1200€/month



  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Heating pellets (1st bag offer)
  • 1 cleaning per week
  • Wi-fi (only in common areas: reception and restaurant)


 Click here to view our camping rates.